Sunday, September 18, 2011

Overseas Team of Import & Export Department launches Visit & Training in Qatar (Photo)

Recently, members from Sinotruk Import & Export Department Overseas Team established on the basis of abroad agency launched training for products to local big dealer JN Co., Ltd. in Doha, Qatar.
Possessing certain maintenance and after-sales service capacity, JN Co., Ltd. successively purchased more than 70 units of Sinotruk HOWO truck, which were publicized on its main page with a wide space. After many times of visit and negotiation, JN Co., Ltd showed satisfactory to overall quality of HOWO products, yet they were disturbed by small defects and the supply of spare parts, because some of non-original spare parts purchased from local dealers seriously affected the normal maintenance. So members of the team teach them how to distinguish the false spare parts with recognition of customers, the customers decided to purchase original spare parts from then on.
According to demand of JN Co., Ltd, the team members organized an on site special training course on engine and electrical parts for maintenance employees of their company. Based on situations of on site quiz and reflection, they thought JN Co., Ltd had excellent machinery maintenance capacity to correctly accomplish maintenance work for main assemblies, but for electrical parts, only several employees could understand and maintain, so team members copied some of data on electrical parts training to them to make them further improve their skill.
This session of training improved Sinotruk products’ influence at local market.
It is reported that after the implement of “Step Out” Strategy, aiming at the characteristic of “about 2/3 league members spend 2/3 of one year working abroad”, General Youth League Branch of Import & Export Department organized and launched the preparation for the establishment of Overseas Youth League Branch to strengthen cohesion of league organization, exert the effect of General Youth League Branch to organize, conduct and service the youth, and stimulate working enthusiasm of vast league members and youth stationed abroad. In 2011, General Youth League Branch of Import & Export Department will continue thoroughly launching construction of league group, establishing league groups specialized in marketing, trade connection, technical support, products inquiry and artistic & sporting communication etc. to fully stimulate dynamic of vast league members and youth, contributing youthfulness power for the implement of “Step Out” Strategy.

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