Sunday, September 18, 2011

70-ton mine overlord takes root in Inner Mongolia (photo)

In this year, the sales of Sinotruk 70-ton mine overlord has covered regions from west to east in Inner Mongonia, Ximeng, Jining, Baotou, Ordos, Wuhai and Ameng etc. In these areas, 70-ton mine overlord has realized a total sales volume of 300 units, in which Wuhai has the most sales of 100 units and Jining the least sales of 4 units.

The 70-ton mine overlord taking root in Inner Mongolia is due to its sophisticated technology, perfect design as well as its embodiment of Siniotruk family membership service. In the beginning of the year, Huhe Haote Company, a branch company of Sinotruk Sales Co.Ltd began to promote70-ton mine overlord on the market.

The advantages of 70-ton mine overlord is obvious and with the help of good platform of Sinotruk dumpers, it impresses customers, especially its design in cab and front and real axles has incomparable advantages with other domestic products. The ordinary carriage volume of  70-ton mine overlord is 5.7×3.1×1.8 ( smaller carriage volume is 5.6×2.3×1.8),with a total volume of 31.8 cubic meters while the carriage volume of an ordinary dumper is 23.2 cubic meters, that’s is to say one 70-ton mine overlord equals 1.5 ordinary dumper. For this reason, the costs of driver labor, fuel, fleet management and maintenance reduced and it’s the first market principle. Second, the market orientation and the time of launching into market is also very important. Domestic microeconomic situation demands logistics transportation shall be high efficient, profits and low costs and under such situation, 70-ton mine overlord is launched into market. The launching of 70-ton mine overlord into Inner Mongolia this year and the sales volume next year are key factors that keep the continuous, healthy and stable development of Inner Mongolia heavy truck market.

The spare parts shall keep pace with the new products’ launching. In Wuhai’s Wu Situ Coal, customers buy 100 70-ton mine overlord trucks one time and Huhe Haote Company arranges 3 service outlets to permanently serve for them, providing strong support in spare parts. Customers appreciated the performance of 70-ton mine overlord and said they had right choices and they were convinced by Sinotruk’s family member service.

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