Sunday, September 18, 2011

SINOTRUK Truck Brands-HOWO, Gold Prince,Sitaier King,Haojun,Huanghe

HOWO heavy duty truck–the most advanced and most superior new generation of heavy duty truck in China, with proprietary brand and intellectual property right, was developed by CNHTC by applying the world advanced heavy duty truck key technology aiming at the market at home and area markets overseas.
HOWO heavy duty truck adopts the advanced key assemblies which are reasonably connected by advanced technology. The arrangement of the complete vehicle is perfect; the main assemblies are harmonious, unified and reliable, which makes the complete vehicle have better performance on power, economical efficiency, reliability and environmental protection.
HOWO heavy duty truck is with luxury and great appearance; it is a combination of fortitude and streamline, sturdiness and elegance. It aims at world heavy duty truck level on the ergonomic design like comfortability, safety and accessibility.
The launch of HOWO heavy duty truck embodied the enterprise operation philosophy of CNHTC of pursuing the optimized customer value constantly. It will make the customer be proud of his correct option by its strong working ability, pleasurable interior and exterior trimmings, and better safety, comfortability, easy to operate, low fuel consumption and easy to maintain.
HOWO series is comprehensive with Euro2 and Euro3 engine equipped.
  • Product range: Semi-trailer towing vehicle, goods vehicle, tipper, concrete mixing carrier and other special truck refitted on its chassis.
  • Driving type: 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×4 and 10×4 etc.
  • Power range: 266PS – 410PS.
 HOWO-A7 heavy duty truck —-Superb art in domestic auto field, Full expression of heavy duty truck concept. Delicate design, excellent technology, which will dazzle you as groundbreaking works.
Comfort, safety, reliability, electronic level geared to international level. Low fuel consumption—the most economical choice nationwide.
Expression of leadership style among heavy duty trucks.
Customer—oriented, being joyful to own it.
HOWO-A7 series heavy duty truck
  • It contains tractor, platform truck, tipper, mixer and other special applications.
  • Drive model includes: 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×4, etc.
  • Engine output overlay: 270PS-460PS.
 Gold Prince Series of medium and heavy truck adopts mature Sitaier assembly, and it is at the leading position with the best configuration among domestic trucks of the same level. This series was launched in 2005 aiming at medium and heavy truck markets; there are lots of optional parts to meet the individual requirement of the customers.

Sitaier King
 Series product was developed based on Steyr technology and improved by our company, aiming at medium and high-end heavy duty truck markets, adopting modern air dynamic technology and human engineering design to realize better economical efficiency and comfortability. It was introduced into the market in 2002 formally and was accepted by the customers.

Haojun series of heavy duty truck is another heavy duty truck platform to meet the market requirement which was developed based on mature Sitaier chassis.
Huanghe series, developed by the parent company-CNHTC in 1960s on its own for the first time, has higher brand awareness in China. Our company launched Huanghe Commander Series product under this brand to meet the requirement of the customer for middle tonnage and lower priced products. This series of product adopts domestic mature medium vehicle assemblies and components and new cab, which make this series rank the top among domestic medium trucks; it is mainly used in goods to be transported among cities and towns, and middle & short distance transportation.
  • Product model: Semi-trailer towing vehicle, goods vehicle, tipper and other special truck refitted on its chassis.
  • Driving type: 4×2 and 6×2 etc.
  • Power range: 140PS – 240PS.

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