Sunday, September 18, 2011

SINOTRUK HOWO Semi-trailer/Trailer/Haulage

SINOTRUK HOWO Semi-trailer/Trailer/Haulage

Container Semi-trailer: 20Ft/40Ft Skeletal Semi-trailer, 20Ft/40Ft Platform Semi-trailer;
Ware House Semi-trailer; 
Wall Side Semi-trailer; 
Flat Bed Semi-trailer; 
Low Bed Semi-trailer; 
Fuel Tanker Semi-trailer; 
Water Tanker Semi-trailer; 
LPG Tanker Semi-trailer; 
Bulk Cement Semi-trailer; 
Tipper Semi-trailer; 
U Shape Tipper Semi-trailer; 
Car Transporter Semi-trailer;
Wood Carrier Semi-trailer, Log Delivery Semi-trailer;
Refrigerate Semi-Trailer, Insulated Semi-Trailer.

We manufacture various dump truck/tipper, tractor truck, cargo truck, CNG truck, semi-trailer, concrete mixer truck, bulk cement tanker, fuel/oil/water/powder tank truck, garbage truck, logging truck, wrecker, fire fighting truck, semi-trailer, all-wheel drive truck/military truck, bus, other specialized vehicle and spare parts.

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