Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dump Truck classification and Selection

Dump truck structure

Dump truck is mainly setup with hydraulic dump bodies, container, trailers and attached components. Dump truck hydraulic structure and compartment structure maybe different from different manufacturers, below will explain dump truck structure from lifting mechanism and container.1. Container typesAccording to different usage; container can be divided into ordinary rectangular compartments and mining bucket compartment.Ordinary rectangular compartment is used for bulk cargo transport. Rear open plate equipped with automatic opening to ensure smooth unloading goods. Ordinary rectangular compartments thickness: front board 4-6mm, side board 4-8mm, rear board 5-8mm, bottom 6-12mm.

Mine bucket compartment is applicable for larger size stones, and other cargo transport. Considering cargos impact and collide, mining bucket compartment is more complex shapes, materials is thicker.
2. Lifting structure typeLifting structure is the core part of dump truck; it is primary criterion to consider dump truck quality.
Current lifting structure have below five different types: F-tripod Larger lifting mechanism, T-tripod Larger Lifting bodies, dual- hydraulic lift, front top-lifting and two-sided lifting.
Dump Truck Selection As the dump truck development and the domestic purchasing power improvement, dumper trucks are divided into many serials according to different usage, different goods, different conditions, different regions of different development Products. This requires users provide more details usage condition to manufacturers.1 chassis choiceDuring choosing chassis, economic factors such as chassis price, loading quality, overloading capacity, 100 km fuel consumption are the first consideration. But users should also consider the following parameters:chassis and ground min clearance. Normal distance for 6 x4 chassis frame is 1200-1050mm. The greater the value the higher center of gravity vehicle, the easier for overturn.Chassis rear overhang. Extra rear overhangs main lead to overture.

Dump truck matching reasonability and reliability.

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